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Go Green With Sustainable Flower Delivery

Everyone’s at least a little familiar with the concept of sustainably grown food, but what about sustainable flowers? With something so natural that celebrates the beauty of the Earth, it’s hard to believe that they could be anything but eco-friendly. The fact is, however, certain flower-growing practices of bygone ages were less than healthy for the environment. Today, florists – like those at Robertson’s Flowers & Events in Philadelphia – who have sustainability on the brain are doing away with these outdated techniques and replacing them with new, eco-friendly floristry that’s safer for both the environment and people.

Field of Pink and Purple Flowers

Aren’t All Flowers Eco-Friendly?

Naturally-grown flowers can’t help but be good for the environment, with their oxygen-producing, air-purifying ways. Commercially-grown flowers, however, are a different story. These flowers are sometimes grown using harmful fertilizers and copious amounts of energy used to mimic natural light cycles. These flowers might then be packaged with non-recyclable materials and shipped across the country, increasing their carbon footprint.

Sustainable flowers are those that are locally and slowly grown by growers who use natural fertilizers and recyclable materials.

Growing Buds

Steps We’re Taking Toward Sustainability

At Robertson’s, we’re doing what we can to operate eco-friendly flower shops that still produce stunning floral designs to meet the demands of our clientele. We source our flowers locally from eco-conscious growers and do our best to promote the freshest, in-season blooms. Our daily delivery routes are scheduled with sustainability in mind. We never let an unused flower go to waste by either composting or donating blooms. In addition, we’ve taken steps to reuse materials when possible and avoid the use of non-recyclable materials, such as florist’s foam and plastic bouquet wrap, whenever possible.

One of the biggest changes we’ve made to reduce our carbon footprint is that we now get all of our energy for each location from 100% renewable wind and solar sources.

Flowers in a Greenhouse

What You Can Do to Help the Environment



All flowers are completely compostable and can feed future generations of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. When your bouquets are spent, you can add them to your compost container or drop them off at a local community garden for composting.

Extend the Life of Your Flowers

If you want to continue to enjoy the beauty of your bouquet, you can learn how to dry flowers and use them in creative ways to decorate your home.

Reuse and Recycle

We always welcome both our commercial clients and individual customers to reuse their vases and other containers. You can take home a fresh bouquet of flowers in your favorite vintage vase or empty your cabinets and drop off your extra containers to be reused in eco-friendly designs.

Choose a Local Florist

When you choose to order flowers from a local florist, you instantly reduce the impact your bouquet will have on the environment. Flowers sourced from local growers, using in-season blooms drastically cut back on the impact of bouquets that are delivered nation-wide.

Growing Plant in Ground

To learn more about recycling your old vases or how Robertson’s Flowers & Events strives to operate a sustainable floristry business, we welcome you to stop by one of our flower shops or contact us today.