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Robertson's Flowers

Posted by robertsonsflowers on October 14, 2018 | Last Updated: October 12, 2020 Uncategorized

Halloween’s Moonlight & Saffron Palette

Robertsons Flowers & Events is delighted to invite you into the shop this season—that is, if you dare. Our decor is simply killing it, if we do say so ourselves. Our shelves are haunted with gorgeous gore, and our flowers are oozing with macabre charm, showcasing the signature color of Halloween. It’s all to do die for, we promise. Care to take a peek?

We love a good old-fashioned Halloween decor scheme. If you want a holiday house that offers some Gothic elegance and vintage charm, look for decor pieces that introduce the colors, materials and stylistic flourishes of the Victorian era. Black pumpkins with ornate script, whimsical witch’s hats and sweet stitching cast the perfect spell.

Create Halloween scenes on mantels and tables with pumpkins, silk florals and candlesticks. A rustic, aged look is a great choice.

Yes, have a skeleton preside over everything. On the tables, we love a design like Saffron Sunset, a study in the orange family. Here dahlias, roses and protea showcase this perfect pumpkin hue, from its softer side to its more fiery one. And isn’t the texture enchanting?

We know you’re dying for Halloween to arrive as much as we are. The decor possibilities alone! Set an enthralling scene this October using seasonal arrangements and Gothic-minded decorations.