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Posted by robertsonsflowers on February 18, 2019 Uncategorized

IFD’s Airy & Comforting Floral Trend

We are proud to announce the new Floral Trend Forecast for 2019! This year’s looks include some of the most airy and comforting floral trends we’ve seen in a long time. The floral designers at Robertson’s Flowers are especially excited about Ethereal Bliss, a melodic blend of soft, neutral colors and strong, sturdy materials that create a warm elegance without the weight. Look for gender-neutral pink (“the new neutral”) accompanied by tones of sage and lavender for a muted palette that leaves room for natural elements like bronze, marble, wood grain and leather in deep brown undertones. The classic look of garden flowers fits this trend beautifully with a modern twist on classic style.

Bring your worlds together in Harmony with this gorgeous design of flower varieties in peaches, lavenders and creams, all complemented with ferns, dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus for a dreamy look that calms and comforts.

Choose to float away to worlds unknown when you include the plush softness and time-worn sophistication of Ethereal Bliss. Let this design speak to the romance in your soul as you enjoy the fanciful elements that embody the essence of Ethereal Bliss. The floral artisans at Robertson’s Flowers will be happy to introduce you to more stylish and intriguing Ethereal Bliss bouquets for you to enjoy this season.