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It’s Eternal Spring In Our Shop

Winter in Philadelphia’s winding down, and spring is almost here! While you wait for the flowers to bloom outside, there’s no reason you can’t start the fun indoors with blooming plants and the freshest seasonal floral arrangements from Robertson’s Flowers & Events. We’re fully stocked with all the best flowers of the season, and our florists can’t wait to share their latest spring designs with you!

Surprising Facts about Spring Flowers and Springtime

This year, the first day of spring is March 19th, but the flowers don’t know that. They can sense the warming temperatures and lengthening days, which is how they know when it’s time to resume growing and to get ready to bloom.


This gardeny style design features a beautiful bevy of pretty, pastel toned blooms including soft peach roses, pink tulips, lavender stock, white hydrangea and green cymbidium orchids arranged in our signature glass cylinder vase.

Pastel Garden

In the United States, we recognize the vernal equinox as the official start of spring, but people in other places use different markers, like the lunar calendar, to track the seasons. In Japan, people take their cue from the flowers. They don’t celebrate the beginning of spring until their national flowers, the cherry blossoms, have bloomed.

When Do Flowers Bloom in Spring?

Crocuses, Lenten roses, and snowdrops are among the first flowers of the year. Even in cold climates, they don’t wait for spring to arrive. Instead, they push through the snow, blooming as early as late January!

The first true spring flowers bloom around the end of March. These include daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. Other spring flowers need more sun and time to develop before they bloom. Roses, lilacs, daisies, and peonies don’t flower until May and June.

Our Seven Favorite Flowers for Spring

It’s not easy to choose just a few favorites from all the flowers that bloom during spring. The following flowers have become some of the most popular thanks to their special seasonal symbolism, fragrance, and beauty.


pink Tulips


1. Tulips

Tulips have gleeful-looking bulbous blooms that come in thousands of different varieties, just about every color you can imagine, and plenty of color combinations. Generally, they represent love, but different colors have different meanings. For example, yellow tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts, perfect for celebrating Easter, a birthday, or another special spring occasion.




colorful Roses


2. Roses

Roses are popular all year, but they’re in season in spring, which means they’re at their freshest, most beautiful, and most affordable. Roses also bloom in every color, and each color has its own meaning. Red roses obviously represent romantic love, but did you know that blue roses symbolize unrequited love, lavender roses represent love at first sight, and that orange roses are for passion? Green roses represent harmony, opulence, and fertility. They can be gifted to wish someone prosperity or positive new beginnings, which are all wonderful spring-themed sentiments.




pink Camellias


3. Camellias

These flowering shrubs blossom with gorgeous blooms each spring. In alluring shades of pink, red, and white, they represent longing, deep desire, and adoration.





purple Lilac


4. Lilacs

Lilacs are also flowering shrubs, and they can grow up to 15 feet tall. Fully grown and in bloom, a single lilac bush can perfume an entire neighborhood if the breeze is just right. They bloom briefly late in the season in purple, white, pink, and blue, which symbolize spirituality, purity, passion, and tranquility.







5. Daisies

Daisies have fresh, white flowers with yellow centers that give them an effortlessly rustic appeal. They symbolize childbirth and motherhood, making them the perfect flower for celebrating Mother’s Day.





yellow Daffodils


6. Daffodils

Of all spring flowers, daffodils are probably the most emblematic of spring because they also symbolize rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. They have cheerful, trumpet-shaped blooms in vibrant yellow, orange, and white.







7. Bluebells

Bluebells grow wild all over the country, but they’re also cultivated by flower suppliers because they’re wonderful in spring bouquets. Their delicate, bell-shaped blooms hang in groups from dainty stems. They seem to bow to the Earth, which might be why they’ve come to symbolize humility.




Celebrate the Season of New Beginnings with Fresh Flowers and Blooming Plants

The best way to get into the fresh spirit of spring is by celebrating its arrival with potted plants and fresh, seasonal flowers from Robertson’s Flowers & Events. A single vase of spring blooms will instantly sweeten the air, brighten your home, and uplift your mood!