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Our Favorite Flowers for Fall Floral Designs

Besides the rich, bold colors of fall flowers, many blooms from this time of year also come in a variety of interesting shapes and textures that make working them extra fun. At Robertson’s Flowers, we love offering the Philadelphia community arrangements with a variety of flowers and accents that hi-light the season’s best.


Red Dahlia

Blue Dahlia

Magenta Dahlia

Some of the best fall flowers exhibit rich colors and rich textures that both stun and awe. For example, dahlias come in a variety of red, purple, orange, pink, and white, and their numerous delicate petals surrounding its central core creates a rich and mesmerizing pattern that is truly unique.


Celosia – Crested

Celosia – Plumed

Robertson’s Flowers

There are two types of the Celosia plant which each have unique texture wildly different from one another. Both come in brilliant, rich colors but the plumed variety has tall feathery plumes exuding a soft, delicate texture, and the other, crested, variety has a compact shape with wrinkles that resemble a brain. Both varieties are perfect for creating striking bouquets as seen in the above bouquet with vibrant orange celosia.

Pincushion Protea

Red Pincushion Protea

Robertson’s Flowers

An exotic flower with many thin, cylindrical petals bursting upwards resembling fireworks, the pincushion protea is one of the most unusual yet exciting fall flower out there. Adding interest and intrigue into every arrangement, this is a statement flower that speaks for itself.

Free Spirit Roses

Free Spirit Roses – Parfumflowercompany

Bonfire – Robertson’s Flowers

The wonderfully-scented Free Spirit rose is a multi-colored garden rose that comes in peach, pink, orange, and yellow tones. It’s large bloom size, amazing texture, and layers of ruffled-shaped petals in different colors make it a real stunner. You can see it gloriously displayed in our Bonfire bouquet which also includes mango calla lilies and coral vanda orchids. The striking rich tones of these fall flowers are set off by a black vase and exudes the abundance and luxury of the season.

Share the Spirit of the Halloween with Gifts and Flowers

Along with gorgeous fall flowers, visit our store to pick up some unique Halloween gifts! We feature many one-of-a-kind interesting gifts, objects, and decorations to get you ready for this spooky holiday. You can also adorn the front of your house with potted mums and a floral wreath to welcome trick-or-treaters, and decorate the interior with fun and festive floral accents and ghoulish gifts all around.

Robertson’s Flowers

Robertsons Flowers

Robertson’s Flowers

Send a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers or a unique Halloween gift to a friend or family member to celebrate the season. Whether you have a special occasion to celebrate or simply love everything that this season has to offer, fall flowers and gifts can help you spread the joy and fun! Our professional florists at Robertson’s Flowers will help you select the perfect Halloween flowers and gifts to send to your favorite ghosts and goblins. We wish you and yours a happy haunting and safe Halloween!