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Posted by robertsonsflowers on November 12, 2017 | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 Uncategorized

Pinterest-Worthy Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

Yes, we said it. These centerpieces are guaranteed a spot on even the pickiest of Pinterest flower boards.

We’re not tooting our own horn for nothing. At Robertson’s Flowers, we feel like the Thanksgiving centerpiece has been long overdue for some image rehab. Rustic cornucopias and plaid taffeta ribbons are nice – as are taper candles encircled by harvest florals – but we’ve got a broader view of what the Thanksgiving centerpiece can do. We like the idea of mixing it up with the season’s loveliest blooms, berries, and garden goodies in a palette that feels more romantic than rustic. Check out some of our seasonal favorites to see an upgraded centerpiece.

We’re just going to say it: your centerpiece should look great in candlelight. It should look great in daylight. It should be visually arresting from all angles. It should – potentially – start a conversation, but not make it impossible to have one by being too high on the table. Take a look at our Sugar & Spice Centerpiece to see what we mean.

This beauty is wild with peach garden roses, astilbe, hydrangea, and white kale and bittersweet. It’s fresh but totally seasonal. Rich and luxe, but also light. The scale is long and low, with just a few sprigs leaping upwards to suggest some height. You want to take a picture of it, right?

On the other hand, if you miss those more traditional seasonal colors, our Bittersweet Fall Centerpiece will please you. Here the contrast is between jewel and fiery tones, with plenty of unusually sculptural blooms adding even more interest.

We love the look of a centerpiece series because it feels like every part of the table got its own flowers. Again, the romance of the season was on our mind when we pulled together these pretty orchids with kale and more for a vintage feel.

And we can’t say enough about the effect of soft greens and creamy whites together in the center of the table, with the trees barren outside and the dark coming early. A centerpiece like this just bounces around the light and gives the table a modern elegance.

Feel free to pin any of these to your table. We at Robertson’s Flowers¬†firmly believe that instead of snapping a pic of your Thanksgiving dinner plate this year, you should be snapping the centerpiece.