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Robertson’s Flowers’ Guide to Orchids

The magnificent orchid – its awe-inspiring symmetrical beauty and structural elegance have made this flowering plant one of the most coveted plants in history. Symbolizing perfection, fertility, love, strength, and refinement,  the orchid has been admired and highly sought-after since the Victorian Era. The ancient Aztecs prized orchids as symbols of strength and courage and the Greeks related the orchid plant with fertility and used it in predicting the gender of their unborn children. Here at Robertson’s Flowers, Philadelphia’s best floral shop, we love the gorgeous orchid because it is an elegant and stylish way to celebrate any occasion making it the perfect gift for any family member, partner, or friend. Take a deeper dive into the wondrous world of orchids as you read more about this exotic plant in our blogs below.

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Find the Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Him at Our Flower Shop

Love is in the air in Philadelphia, and the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. If you’re still trying to decide what to get your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that you can find lots of great gift ideas at your local flower shop.

Caring for Orchids and Succulent Gardens

At Robertson’s Flowers, seasonal plant collections are imported from trusted local growers – as well as the best growers in the industry – and stored, maintained and nursed in our own greenhouse.

10 Great Stay-at-Home Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Choose These Gorgeous Blue Flowers for Your Next Event

Blue-colored flowers are not as common as other hues, such as red, yellow, pink, purple, and orange, but that’s what makes them all the more special.

Plants and Flowers that Bring Good Luck

It’s the start of a new year, so let’s press the refresh button and add some much-need good fortune and good vibes into your space with good-luck plants and flowers.

Best First Plants for Beginners

Houseplants are great for the home because they add an element of elegance and lavishness, plus plants provide a host of positive benefits. If you don’t know much about them or where to start, then the guide below on the best house plants for beginners is for you.

Bring in the Green to Create a Tropical Paradise in Your Home

Many people associate a relaxing vacation with the carefree, laid-back vibe of the tropics, which is why adding tropical plants to your home can help you create a soothing vibe and a bit of paradise to your home.