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Posted by robertsonsflowers on January 29, 2018 | Last Updated: September 8, 2020 Uncategorized

Tale Of Three Valentine’s Bouquets


We here at Robertson’s Flowers are steeped in classic long-stemmed roses in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, but our designers are skilled in a fresh, modern approach, too. February 14th is a major floral occasion and long, stemmy roses might be its emblem, but there are so many flowers and styles available that convey just as much passion and affection. We see this holiday as an opportunity to create pieces that feel nuanced and customized, ensuring that you can express your feelings for someone in a way that feels tailored to your relationship with them.

Whatever your price point, we’ve got something gorgeous and meaningful for you to have sent or to hand deliver. Our offerings include low, tightly-domed, more contemporary designs to just-picked, free-form garden sprays. You can add chocolate, candles, or a spa basket to the mix as well, though there’s nothing quite as impactful as a well-chosen bouquet.

Whether you opt for a pulled-together grouping of roses in the red and pink palette in a simple modern vase or a lush bouquet where texture is key, you can’t go wrong if you consider your recipient’s tastes. Think about the effect the flowers you send will have on your loved one when they arrive at work or home; who will swoon over a crush of roses, and who will thrill to a wild bunch of gorgeous blooms?


Consider sending flowers to your mom, sister, aunt, daughter, or friend, and you’ll appreciate the sheer variety of romantic, sentiment-filled designs that are available to you this year. You don’t have to stay in the red range; pinks and soft neutrals signify affection just as well and draw the eye more to shape than color.


We’re loving how Valentine’s Day florals have become more than just a vase of red roses. Today, you can find a bouquet that communicates your feelings for someone in a way that feels far more intimate and personal.