table + scapes

What is a tablescape?

~ our ever-changing rental collections of floral arrangements and decorative objects artfully designed to simply place on your table, so you can entertain in style

~ curated in three styles - the natural collection. the silver collection. the urban collection.

~ collections include three-day usage and delivery service from our door to yours

an inspiration for your table

What's in a COLLECTION?


  • 1Medium floral arrangement
  • 3Bud vases with florals
  • 6Candle holders with wax candles
  • 6Objects / vessels
  • 1Frame for a menu card
  • 1Table runner

Total:18 objects including 4 floral arrangements and delivery


  • 3Small floral arrangements
  • 6Bud vases with florals
  • 6Candle holders with wax candles
  • 6Decorative objects
  • 1Table runner
  • *Dinnerware available, not included

Total:22 objects including 9 floral arrangements and delivery


  • 1Large floral arrangement
  • 5Bud vases with florals
  • 1Small floral arrangement
  • 6Candle holders with wax candles
  • 9Objects / vessels
  • 1Frame for a menu card
  • 1Table runner

Total:24 objects including 7 floral arrangements and delivery

What's next?

~ Contact us to order your tablescape or (215) 836-3069.

~ Our friendly, professional delivery team will deliver your Tablescape collection to your door.

~ You unpack the collection. Set it on the table. Have a great time.

~ Smile. Take photos. Post on Instagram and tag us @robertsonsflowers.

~ Keep the flowers! After your party, wipe out the vessels, pack up all the objects in the original box provided.

~ Our friendly delivery team will come back and pick up the collection.

~ Happiness guaranteed.

  • Can you customize a collection to my dining table size?
  • Can you create custom design for a special occasion or holiday?
  • Can you set up the tablescape objects on site?
  • Can you provide dinnerware, flatware, napkins or chairs?
  • Can you create gifts, menu or place cards?
  • Do I keep the flowers? Yes, vessels must be returned.
  • Does the client pay for a damaged, lost or broken item?
  • Are all the objects like new?
  • If I love the objects can I buy them?
  • Is the delivery fee included?

Yes, Yes, Yes!