How To Make Every Room Bloom

There are countless ways to style your home with flowers, and it’s a blast to play floral matchmaker, finding just the perfect spot for your fresh new beauties. The talented team at Robertson’s Flowers strives to make every design feel singular, special and easy to incorporate into your home. That said, there are a few considerations when you’re looking to find a home for a floral piece in yours.

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The Top 4 Floral Festivals & Events

Robertson’s Flowers doesn’t pretend to be a travel guide, but we can point you in the direction of some of the country’s best flower festivals and events.

Every spring and summer, a whole crop of festivities pops up around the nation in honor of a particular area’s signature flower (in Michigan, it’s tulips; in California, the poppy). It seems we all love to celebrate our most beautiful assets, inviting others to join us in celebration of our environment and to learn more about local culture. To that end, we’ve rounded up four such festivals for you to bookmark on the calendar.

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Robertson’s Flowers & Events has perfected the art of designing custom corsages, nosegays, boutonnieres and flower crowns. Whether it’s prom season, a wedding or other special occasion, we’ll create a unique and wearable floral design that captures your desired aesthetic using the season’s best blooms.

While each flower order is personal, time has proven some tried and true designs. Here are some of our favorite color and floral combinations that are sure to impress.

Soft pink, blush, white and cream blooms accented with seasonal greens. Pictured: nosegay, wrist corsage on a ribbon, orchid boutonniere and flower crown.

This sweet corsage is designed on a ribbon that can be secured around the wrist instead of the more traditional elastic wrist band.  Flower crowns are becoming increasingly popular and  are perfect for a more romantic, boho look.

This vibrant color combination can be designed with a variety of seasonal blooms and is a great way to add a pop of color to your little black dress. Pictured: nosegay, corsage on wide beaded wristlet, calla lily boutonniere

Mixing seasonal greenery with lots of texture, shapes and even fragrance can result in a simple yet impactful design.  Pictured: nosegay, wrist corsage (no band), mini succulent boutonniere and crown

Our elastic wristlets are available in a variety of colors and styles from a simple elastic to wide beaded cuffs and crystals.

formal corsages

Pictured: examples of custom wrist corsages

Stop by one of Robertson’s locations or give us a call (215.836.3050) to discuss your special order!

*Nosegays, corsages, boutonnieres and flower crowns are unique and therefore require an order to be placed and paid for in full before the design is made. These designs are not delivered but instead can be picked up at any one of our locations.  Please stop by or give us a call for more details.


Push Play On Our Floral Playlist

It’s summertime, and the living is easy—partially because we’ve got some sweet tunes for you to cue up on the sound dock. Robertson’s Flowers may be in the business of florals, but we know a thing or two about music, too. Specifically, we’re aware that songwriters and performers have been inspired by the world of flowers, plants and herbs for what seems like ages. Artists have long used the natural landscape as fodder for their work, and music is no exception. Everyone from soft crooners to hard rockers has taken a note from flowers, using them in titles and as metaphors, exploring their mythology, even penning odes to them. Don’t believe us? Ask Alexa to throw this mix on.

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Our Best Floral Care Tips For You

When beautiful flowers arrive, all fresh and beautifully designed, you’ll want to treat them as well as they deserve. The team at Robertson’s Flowers has put our all into providing you with a unique floral design of exceptional quality, and we want it to last as long as you do. With just a little know-how, you can ensure that your blooms live their longest and best life.

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Your Table’s Summer Plans

Going on vacay this summer? Robertson’s Flowers sure hopes so, whether it’s that milestone trip abroad or a tour of the States. If you aren’t planning anything more than a staycation, no worries, you can fake an atmosphere of worldly well-traveledness with flowers.

Don’t believe us? Flowers have the capacity to conjure up memories, to reflect the spirit and landscape of other cultures, to transport us to distant places or distant moments. It’s because they make such a strong appeal to the senses (with the exception of sound), connecting us to a moment or a destination in a way that many things can’t.

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A Delicious Hostess Gift For the 4th of July

Like many of you, Robertson’s Flowers & Events will be spending Independence Day commemorating our nation’s rich history and celebrating our freedoms by exercising them—gathering with friends and family, attending parades and staying all the way until the firework finale. Most of us will partake in barbecue and football and a long, easy day spent outdoors. Maybe we’ll be at the lake or unwinding by the pool, or meandering down the street to our neighbor’s annual potluck, waving our sparklers and bearing provisions. If we’ll be spending the holiday in someone else’s home, it’s the sweetest of gestures to offer a hostess gift. And on this iconic American holiday, a delectable food gift feels just right.

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Anniversary Flowers That Will Make You Renew Your Vows

Why is June the most popular month of the year to get married? We here at Robertson’s Flowers & Events will tell you why: because it’s beautiful.

The weather is more temperate—so blue skies and sunny days. People are up for adventure, taking their vacation days (and advantage of school being out) to explore new places and visit loved ones. And as for flowers? So many are at their peak, making it a veritable garden of floral choices for brides and grooms. We love designing for our June weddings, reveling in the textures, colors and fragrances of so many signature blooms. Where there are weddings, there are anniversaries, and the season’s glorious offerings make the perfect floral gift there too.

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An Easy Green Gift Idea For Dad

Rather than go to the ends of the earth to find that dad in your life something special for Father’s Day, look to the earth for inspiration.

Robertson’s Flowers & Events acknowledges that shopping for dad is difficult, and this June 17 will likely be no exception. Though we may implore him to tell us what he wants, even needs, dads aren’t very forthcoming in offering gift ideas. They tend to put themselves last and everybody else first, preferring to stay out of the limelight and to instead focus it on everyone else in the family. But fear not. This year, we’ve got a clever solution to the dilemma of what to give dad.

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Behold Early Summer’s Bright Beauties!

Here at Robertson’s Flowers & Events, we want to give you a taste of what summer has in store, flower-wise. Does that involve peonies, you ask? Why yes, yes it does.

Peonies are one of our favorite flowers to work with. To us, they just scream summer in a vase, with their manifold layers, each one perfectly painted with color. What makes peonies so precious is that they don’t, in fact, bloom very long each season. But if you treat them right once they arrive in the home, you’ll have them around for a good long time.

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