Fall Florals and Harvest Centerpieces

fall florals

” Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus

The arrival of fall is highly anticipated by many. Whether you are ready for cooler weather, or looking forward to   celebrating some of our most beloved holidays, autumn gives everyone a fresh outlook. As foliage colors emerge and apple orchards overflow, the abundance of the fall season is easy to see. Fall florals are rich and abundant as well, showing off deep colors and gorgeous attire. The team at Robertson’s Flowers has designed a collection of fall flowers that are sure to fill your home with seasonal ambiance, or convey warmth and affection to someone you love. We would like to take this opportunity to share some of our most beautiful offerings of the season. Continue reading

Unique Plants to Welcome New Neighbors

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a bit overwhelming. Between unpacking boxes, getting kids settled and making sure that the internet is working, it is easy to feel a little lost.

So if you see a moving truck heading into your Philadelphia subdivision carrying a new family, be sure to greet them and ask if there is anything you can do to help. Consider bringing over a home-cooked meal, along with paper plates and utensils. You may even offer to help stack empty boxes, or run to the store for needed items. But once things settle down, sending a gift from Robertson’s Flowers is an awesome way to assure them that they are welcome, and you are glad to be new neighbors.   Continue reading

Formal Corsages & Flowers

Homecoming weekend is a memorable event with something for everyone. From football games to homecoming courts, every Philadelphia school has its own customs and unique way of celebrating. In honor of the approaching homecoming festivities, we have collected some trivia facts about where some of our favorite traditions originated.
And although there is no official origin of the homecoming dance itself on record, it is the highlight of the weekend for many. Most dances are considered semi-formal in nature, and a bit less weighty than prom – but still, flowers are important! When it comes to choosing formal corsages and boutonnieres for the big dance, Robertson’s Flowers is the best choice in town.formal corsages The First Homecoming: Historically attributed to the University of Missouri, the first homecoming we know of took place in 1910. With the biggest football game of the year looming, the athletic department decided to make sure there were plenty of fans in attendance, and invited all alumni to “come home” for the game. The ploy worked, and over 10,000 alumni and guests flooded the campus on game day. The event was such a hit that other schools took notice, and the tradition quickly caught on.

Why Some Light Bonfires: Even before the first homecoming game, Baylor University was lighting overnight bonfires on campus in order to guard against surprise raids by their football rival, Texas Christian. Freshmen were generally recruited to main the fires which soon became associated with homecoming.

Choosing a Homecoming Queen: In the 1930’s, schools began choosing a homecoming queen from a group of candidates, or her “Court”. The court, and subsequently the Queen, were chosen based upon the quality and originality of the float they rode on in the homecoming parade, but eventually the selection was simplified to a simple vote.

formal corsages Why Do We Wear Formal Corsages and Boutonnieres? Whether for homecoming or any other formal dance, wearing a corsage is a cherished custom. The tradition originated in the early 1800’s in Europe, at a time when people wore flowers for many purposes, from personal hygiene to declaring social status. In this case, when a couple wanted to go to a special event together, the young man was expected to bring flowers as an “offering” to his sweethearts parents. If accepted, she would then pick a flower from the corsage and pin it to his lapel – hence the tradition of matching corsages and boutonnieres.

No matter the reason or occasion, you can always trust the floral designers at Robertson’s Flowers to provide the most gorgeous flowers. Whether corsages for a dance, or bouquets and arrangements for any other special event, we make everything more beautiful.

Floral Designs for Grandparents Day

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. ~Welsh Proverb

Established by Congress in 1978, Grandparents Day began as a grassroots effort to help to preserve family histories. A mother and grandmother from West Virginia had the original idea, but her vision was far from commercial. Marian McQuade’s dream was that people would use the day to gather together, share family stories and history, and honor “the keepers of the legacy” – grandparents and older generations.

She also saw this as a wonderful opportunity for grandchildren to show their appreciation and love for their grandparents. If your Grandma or Grandpa is a special person in your life, September 10 is the day to celebrate them.  Continue reading

Inspired by the September Sapphire

The inspiration for beautiful floral arrangements comes from many places. And in September, we have a brilliant ambassador which promises to inspire some uniquely spectacular bouquets. The September sapphire is vivid, iconic, and absolutely gorgeous – as are the flowers used to honor it.  The rare shade of blue doesn’t occur naturally in many varieties of flower, so the resulting designs are striking, eye-catching and memorable. Of course, you can always trust the designers at Robertson’s Flowers to create unforgettable floral arrangements for any occasion.

Did You Know? The sapphire actually occurs in many colors, but it is the deep blues that are the most coveted and valuable.

September sapphireThe sapphire was considered by the ancients to have divine origin, and connected to the celestial beauty of the heavens. Sapphires were worn by royalty and the priesthood, and their spiritual benefits were considered too precious to be owned by “ordinary people.”

The sapphire is still widely known as the birthstone of September, but we also know that the stone provides the perfect “divine inspiration” for wedding bouquets as well. With connotations of royalty, majesty and wisdom, they infuse a wedding ceremony with dignified and elite color palettes. Bright blue flowers can include delphinium, hydrangea or larkspur. However, you can also add this gorgeous color through decorative accents and details – which is where the professionals at Robertson’s Flowers can really shine. september sapphires

No matter the nature of your September special event, the sapphire is a beautiful muse. To celebrate birthdays or decorate elegant weddings, the blue color is sure to impress. Ask our team for ideas as to how to incorporate this hue into your arrangements.

Beautiful florals, stunning colors, and gorgeous designs – at Robertson’s Flowers,we specialize in making sure that your important occasions are amazing. In Philadelphia or across the country, you’ll love your flowers – how can we help you?

Beautiful Florals ‘Just Because’

In the 1960’s, a man in California gave his wife a transistor radio. When she asked why, he answered :just because!”. Those two words started a family tradition, and he and his wife and children would dedicate one day a year specifically for doing random nice things for each other. The idea caught on in his neighborhood and community over the years, and in 2005 the day was added to the national registry. This is a day when we set aside schedules, routines, and everything we are required to do – in order to revel in life, family, and spontaneous whimsy.

The designers at Robertson’s Flowers provide floral arrangements for special occasions from Philadelphia weddings to birthday celebrations and welcoming new babies. But we love the surprise and smiles that accompany flowers “just because.”  Continue reading

National Romance Month – August Flowers

August is National Romance Month – and is your perfect opportunity to lavish your sweetheart with unexpected gestures of love and affection. After all, love knows no season, so there is no reason to wait until Valentine’s Day or your anniversary!

The team of experts at Robertson’s Flowers has been conspiring with true romantics across Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr and Wyndmoor for over 90 years – and we have seen a lot of true love and romance during that time. We are here to help you choose the perfect bouquet or arrangement for your special relationship.  Continue reading

Decorating College Dorms with Style

As students head off to college for another year of classes, nearly 2 million of them will enter college dormitories for the very first time. This transition can be a stressful time for both parents and children, and parents understandably want to do whatever they can to ensure that their young adult is set up for success. But aside from pep talks and crossed fingers, is there anything more practical that can be done that may help ensure a successful school year?
Continue reading

Sisters Day Honors Your First Best Friend

sisters day

On August 6, we celebrate both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day. For many people, these two people are one and the same – their sister is their lifelong best friend, or their best friend is closer than a sister. The presence of sisters and good friends in our lives is hugely beneficial, and contributes positively to our well being and happiness. So if you want to let her know that she means the world to you, start at Philadelphia’s premiere florist, Robertson’s Flowers.  Continue reading

Tropical Flowers for the Heat of Summer

Summer is sizzling in Philadelphia, and the heat outside is rivaled only by the hot summer tropical flowers available at our shop. The team at Robertson’s Flowers has put together a collection of beautiful exotic flowers that infuse paradise into your home decor, transforming your ambiance with their presence. We invite you to come and discover the amazing summer florals that are bringing the heat – we are sure that you will find the perfect arrangement for all of your summer occasions and events.  Continue reading