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Philadelphia Anniversaries & Weddings

June is Wedding Month, so designated because more couples choose to walk down the aisle and say their vows in June than in any other month. At Robertson's Flowers, we couldn't be more excited - after all, we love weddings! We are greater Philadelphia's premier resource for wedding and event flowers - and this month, we celebrate all those who chose to get married in June, and who are celebrating an anniversary in June. We'd like to take this opportunity to offer tips, ideas, and inspiration so your special day the best it can be. Where to Find Us: For stunning inspiration photos, check out Robertson's Wedding Pinterest Boards, or browse our exclusive Wedding Site. If you are looking for peer reviews, find them on  and -  where you will see why we have earned our 5 Star Rating. Read More about Philadelphia Anniversaries & Weddings »
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Luxurious Rose Bouquets & Arrangements

June is National Rose Month, and there is no better place in Philadelphia to celebrate than at Robertson's Flowers. We have the most exquisite and luxurious rose bouquets available - if you think you know roses, you may be surprised! This month, we invite you to browse our online collection of rose designs you won't see anywhere else - and to fall in love with roses all over again. We are happy to share with you some of our most popular designs of the season. Which is your favorite? Can't Get Enough? Check out our Pinterest Board!  Read More about Luxurious Rose Bouquets & Arrangements »
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day gifts are notoriously hard to buy - what do you buy for the man who has plenty of ties and phone chargers? While hardware and clothing stores are the most common places to find annual gifts, the team at Robertson's Flowers has an alternate suggestion this year - buy his Father's Day gift here! A florist may not be the first place you think of when you consider buying for Dad, but we have a few Father's Day gift ideas that may change your mind. For instance, a succulent garden is always a sophisticated addition to a home or office. Sure to be the subject of conversation, these creations are naturally beautiful, texturally unique and perfect for anyone - even the men in your life. Check out our collection of succulents here. Read More about Father’s Day Gift Ideas »
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Flowers to Remember Them on Memorial Day

Here in Philadelphia, we take our freedom very seriously. The rich history and legacy that exudes from the very streets of the city is special and unique to our hometown, and on Memorial Day, we have much to appreciate. A Brief History: In 1866, 'Decoration Day' was set aside for a very special purpose - to decorate the graves of Civil War fallen soldiers. Soon after World War I, the name was changed to Memorial Day, and the scope expanded to forever incorporate and honor brave men and women from all American wars. In 1971, Congress made Memorial Day an official holiday. Read More about Flowers to Remember Them on Memorial Day »
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Pretty Peonies for Spring

There are many spring flowers, but few are as beloved and coveted as the beautiful peony. This week, we shine a spotlight on this lavish, luxurious and gorgeous late spring bloom. Whether to give as a gift or to fill your own home with seasonal grace and beauty, pretty peonies are a perfect choice. Official Ambassador: The peony is native to Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America; but it is the national flower of only one country - China.  Read More about Pretty Peonies for Spring »
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Creative Gifts to Honor Mom on Mothers Day

Our Moms deserve the very best on Mother's Day - but every mom is different, and one gift does not necessarily fit all. The trick to a great Mother's Day gift is to choose something that reflects her personality and interests while adding a bit of sentimentality. Here are some ideas from the staff at Robertson's Flowers to help to inspire you to honor mom, and to choose a great gift of your own. Arts & Culture: Treat Mom to an afternoon at the Philadelphia Art Museum, go see a play at one of our many venues, or take a stroll through the Morris Arboretum. Read More about Creative Gifts to Honor Mom on Mothers Day »
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For Mother’s Day, the Elegant Flowers She Deserves

The idea of Mother's Day - and the holiday's connection to floral gifts - has been around for a long time, reaching all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. Those cultures honored the matriarchal positions in the family and were also known to give flowers as a sign of respect. The next mention we have of a Mother's Day type holiday references the United Kingdom in the 1600's when "Mothering Sunday" was celebrated, and children would often pick flowers by the side of the road to give to their mothers. However, it wasn't until 1908 that we saw Mother's Day in the United States, the brainchild of a woman named Anna Jarvis. And the connection between mothers and flowers has persisted, In fact, this year nearly twenty-five percent of the flowers given throughout the year will be over the Mother's Day holiday.  Of course, Robertson's Flowers has always believed in the timeless nature of flowers as gifts; and to celebrate Mother's Day, we have assembled a collection of luxurious and elegant flowers that we know your mother will love. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations. Because one thing hasn't changed throughout history - our Moms deserve the very best.  Read More about For Mother’s Day, the Elegant Flowers She Deserves »
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Thank You Flowers for Teachers & Nurses

There are people in our lives who work tirelessly, yet we sometimes take them for granted. The month of May gives us the opportunity to not only recognize them for how awesome they are - but to give them the accolades they deserve. From May 6 through May 12 we celebrate National Nurses Week, and from May 7 through May 13 we express gratitude to educators during National Teachers Week - and if you have been considering searching our flowers for teachers or gifts for nurses, you've found the right place! Robertson's Flowers offers gorgeous floral designs, delicious gourmet gifts and unique gift ideas sure to touch their heart. After all, they've touched your life!  Read More about Thank You Flowers for Teachers & Nurses »
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Caring for Orchids and Succulent Gardens

At Robertson's Flowers, seasonal plant collections are imported from trusted local growers - as well as the best growers in the industry - and stored, maintained and nursed in our own greenhouse. We take meticulous care of these plants and flowers. And whether you are buying orchids for Administrative Professionals Day, or a succulent garden for a birthday gift, we always want to make sure that your plants thrive once they get home as well. You can feel comfortable asking us for advice at any time, but here are a few easy care tips for a couple of our most popular items. Read More about Caring for Orchids and Succulent Gardens »
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